Project: 209

Diaosu is providing 209, a project funded by Awards for All with the purpose of providing opportunities for young people to be creative, build confidence and exhibit alongside and learn from local artists.

209 is provided through a series of exhibitions with supporting workshops which are set up to meet the individual needs of the young person. In July 2012 we held Swap Shop, a week long exhibition of local gig photography with drop in art opportunities. October 2012, saw Martin Hill feature in Empty Spaces, an exhibition of his oil paintings and phototography from a selection of artists and young people. The exhibition was followed by a weekly oil painting class during October. December will show the work of local young people and artists as part of the Places exhbition. This will be held over 2 Open Days, 1st and 2nd December and will be attended by local photographer Ross Fraser McLean. He will help develop further darkroom skills and he will create interest in his exhibition of travel photography which he will hold in Diaosu January 2013. The final exhibition, Continue, will relate to recycling/reusing and reducing usage of electricity. The exhibition will be held over one week in March 2013 and aims to be held without using electricity.

If you would like to get involved with workshops or exhibit your work, please email us at For further information on each exhibition see the relevant page.

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