Changing Faces of Hilltown

Changing Faces of Hilltown is a project where we work with Pure Media UK and the local council. We are specifically involved to showcase local talents, mixed cultures and promote the area including local businesses.

Since the project started we ran sessions creating foot casts and darkroom illustration work.

We ran an exhibition ‘Casting Shadows’ showing photographs taken by local photographers including the photos of Cuba visible in this photo taken by Ross Fraser McLean.

Coming up next: Bird’s Eye View exhibition, 14th October 2011, 7pm, showing photographs taken in and around shops up and down Hilltown. Come and join us for this launch night.

Update: Bird’s Eye View exhibition went well! There has been continued interest in the photographs since the launch weekend. They have sparked conversations and opportunities to get to know our neighbouring shop keepers better.

Next up for early 2012: We have an exhibition including photography, painting and sculpture by a young person, his exhibition will be Diamond in the Dark and is planned for february. There will be a book launch in January and a few of our photographs of local shops are being included in the book.

Also, we have sessions throughout January which we planned for children from the local polish community. However, if anyone else would like their child to be involved please email us at

With the exhibition Diamond in the Dark by Cameron Price, Changing Faces of Hilltown has come to a conclusion. His exhibition was a success and people have been showing interest in buying his artwork. Cameron’s story is continuing with his desire to go to China and attend 2 months of the Chinaberry course in Xi’an. This is an exciting opportunity for him and he will be working hard to gain sponsorship. He is a truly inspirational young person!

Here is a little collection of photos from the project.

Although Changing Faces of Hilltown has finished the book has not yet been published, this will follow soon….

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